What is the “It Quality” of Successful People?

We see them all the time, admire them, and want to be around them.

What is the “It Quality”?

You have it, we all do, we just it have once in awhile. Guess before you read more.

The “It Quality” is…


Success at anything has a great deal to do with the confidence that we can do something. Most of the time we just convince ourselves on the surface level.

But sometimes, in that rare time, we enter into a state of mind that says I cannot and want to do this, but “I will”.  A subtle shift in our psyche occurs giving us access to our inner champion.  The one that says, “No matter what happens, I will persist, learn what I need to, get the training.”  We begin to move steadily towards that goal.

What changed?

“Sure, I’ve given up before, but this time on a deeper level, a gut level, I’m ready for this — I am up.”  Sometimes it takes place late at night, or simply having our morning coffee.  A wellspring of clarity and knowing that I must do this thing now. Burning with a new view of one’s self, “I must rise above my previous tries and make the grade.”  Inner strength and drive have been ignited!

This is where we see that we have made a commitment that gives us strength.  It carries us through and gives us persistent action to move through any obstacle.

Things that you would bother in the past seem to bounce off ~~ Going forward is easier.  In fact, you look forward to overcoming any difficulty or setbacks.  Worry seems a thing of the past.

What is happening to me?

You are trusting yourself, creating, and using your inner guidance and mental fortitude.

The three things we must possess are:

  1. Commitment ~ the glue
  2. Confidence is developed from the doing and overcoming of obstacles. This kind of confidence is yours to keep.  It is magnetic.
  3. Mental strength is the persistence and calm under pressure.  Doing your best whatever you are doing.

The combination of these 3 ingredients will drive you forward, keep you company, encourage you.  ‘Jabs and cutting remarks’ no longer affect you.  You have entered ‘the zone’, the place where mind body and soul work in unison.

Opportunities come out of nowhere.

People are drawn to you and offer help or introductions.  “Why?”, you ask.  Because they see you are moving forward.  You are bigger than your current life and are being moved up to the next level.

We all experienced being around people like that.  Larger than life, happy, magnetic they seem to possess an energy and presence that people are so drawn to.

You can become one of those people.

You know what life is like now without a healthy dose of Commitment, Confidence and Mental Strength.

Develop the above qualities and see what the Miracle begins for you.

What is the “It Quality” of Successful People?


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