You may have one of 100 million active blogs online and may enjoy blogging and using your creative efforts as you build your blog.

But what are successful bloggers doing to make money and an income with their blogs?

Know the Mind of Your Blog Readers

Find your passion and niche and the areas you can invest your energy.  People are looking on the web 24 hours a day for news, weather, local events, entertainment, politics and want information – short and sweet.

When they have more time your readers will follow longer blog postings in areas such as finance, internet marketing, and personal growth and development.

You Deserve to Make Money With Your Blog

Feeling like you deserve to make money for the value of what you have to offer is the key to making money with your blog.  Readers will come to your blog to receive the value you have to offer.

Sometimes the value may be in sharing information or in a product the readers want to purchase.  Since you have created the blog and did the work, learn the true price of your creativity and hard work.

Your Blog Makes Money Online When You Have Visitors

Search engine traffic is the best type of traffic for your blog.  The more relevant traffic you can get to your blog, the more money you can make.

How to build traffic and visitors on your blog:

  • Have a mailing list to sign up
  • Click on your Ads
  • Create traffic from other blogs
  • Build an audience of loyal followers
  • Be involved in social media sites
  • Provide unique content on your blog
  • Learn SEO skills (search engine optimization)

Summary:  More traffic, you make more money online.

Provide Massive Value

Genuinely wanting to help people and providing consistent massive value to your loyal audience will result in monetizing your site.

Your audience will follow you as they know you aren’t online just to make money, and know that you put quality standards and your brand name on the products you promote.

Focus on providing value and quality products in these areas:

  • Content/Text
  • Audio
  • Video

Launch Your Own Product or Service

The number one way to make money through blogging is by launching your own product or service.

Selling your own product works well because it has your name on it and your blog readers are likely going to want whatever else you have to offer.  You can continue to make money for months or even years to come as you retain a community and an audience.

You can make products such as:

  • eBook – download instant digital files
  • Consult with clients and share your expertise
  • Publish a physical book
  • Start a monthly membership site

Promote Affiliate Products

If you are willing to promote other people’s products on your blog, you can make thousands of dollars per month through affiliate marketing.

You can review high quality products that give value to your audience or release a free guide or email course that provides relevant value to your readers that link them with an affiliate link.  Keep in mind you are building trust with your readers as they read your blog

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