Smart shortcut to get traffic to stay on your blog?

One of the most challenging Blog tasks that consumes time is writing content, getting traffic, learning Search Engine Optimization (SEO) and building Back Links – then getting the traffic to stay on Google before the rules are changed.  Trying to keep up with all of the changes in internet marketing is challenging but exciting.

I found this product (blog curator) that major bloggers use to monetize their blog.  Read more…

Everything you know has changed.

…and it will continue changing. Google is an algorithm that is changing over 500 times per year. How are you supposed to keep up that?…you can’t …let’s be honest for one second and ask ourselves this question: Why?..Why are we continually trying to find games, loopholes, tricks and ways around the Google machines,

Content is the only thing people are interested in…and so its the only thing Google is interested in.
The solution isn’t copying/spinning/writing content…why resort to all that?

The best solution is to ‘Curate’. It’s been proven to work. There are some huge authority sites that are now household names using this technique.

The key is a sophisticated tool called PageOneCurator which finds content from authority sites and enables you to post to multiple blogs with one click of a button. Curating your blog empire has never been easier.

This is the way to build authority sites and best of all…they will outlive the algorithm changes that plague us all.

Grab this software right now… They already have 3500 fans so it’s already proven to work.

Curation is exploding as a technique to create authority sites for bloggers, SEO experts, niche and authority site builders and in fact anyone making money online.

Look at these:  

Drudge Report: $30 million per year.

Perez hilton… – worth 32 million

Huffington post – bought by AOL for $315

What do they have in common? .. none of their own content.. it was all curated.

If you want to work with ease in your business…take a look at this:

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